Bethesda Teases New Project – Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Yesterday, The Bethesda Game Studios Twitter has been updated with a cryptic / not cryptic image of the “Please Stand By” loading screen typical of Fallout games along with the hashtag #PleaseStandBy. This lead many to believe that a Fallout announcement will be made at this year’s E3 and that it could mean an expansion for Fallout 4 or something really exciting like Fallout 5 or even a Fallout MMO or RPG. Now Fallout Twitter has been updated with a new post and a teaser trailer for the newest game from Bethesda. Meet Fallout 76.

At the very end of the video, we identify the location as the Vault 76. According to the Fallout Wiki, it is listed as a “control” vault with 500 occupants.

The vault was designed to open 20 years after a nuclear war, and was among the seventeen known control vaults, meaning that it was used as a baseline to compare to experimental vaults. It is also mentioned in one of the alien captive recorded logs(no.13) recorded by Giles Wolstencroft, a Vault-Tec official who was abducted while inspecting the vault’s construction site. In Fallout 4, the newsreader in the prologue mentions Vault 76 debuting in 2076 in honor of America’s tercentenary when discussing Vault-Tec’s plans to expand.


Additionally, the character’s Pip-Boy shows the date as October 27, 2102. Interestingly, that points to a date 5 years later than the Vault was supposed to re-open due.

Pete Hines of Bethesda’s Global Marketing has also posted this:

More information will be revealed during the Bethesda E3 showcase on  June 10th @ 6:30 pm PT.  Stay tuned to learn more.

Update: Multiple sites have opened pre-order pages for the upcoming title. Among others, it is BestBuy, Amazon (PC, PS4, Xbox One) and GameStop. Kotaku implies that the game is going to be an Online Survival title, according to their information received from people working on the project.

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