Bethesda Reveals an Indiana Jones Game in the Works

Indiana Jones

Bethesda has revealed some excellent news for fans of Indiana Jones. It seems that the company has landed licensing for the popular series and are currently in the early stages of making a new brand new game. The news was announced via Twitter, first by a text post telling the world that the game will be an original story, not one patterned after anything seen before. It is being produced by Machine Games and that Todd Howard is helming the project in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

The announcement sent the universe chattering with inevitable comparisons to the Uncharted games. One acquaintance of ours stated, “It’s basically Uncharted with the Indie IP since Uncharted was Indie without the IP.” The trick for developers is making the game unique in terms of story, setting, and gameplay to give it its own spot in gaming.

Others are wondering whether or not the game will be an Xbox-exclusive now that Microsoft owns Bethesda. Time will tell as we learn more.

Beyond what’s above, there are no other details available. Given how early it is production-wise, it’s unlikely that more will be revealed until the summer convention season, if then.

Check out the announcements above and then head to the Bethesda official site to see if you can ferret out more information about the forthcoming Indiana Jones game.

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