Better Sound Is Available Now With Drown

Drown has officially launched their game-changing new audio earpieces and if you want to immerse yourself in your game, read on.

Scottish audio hardware manufacturer, Drown Ltd, today launched its new set of gaming earphones, which purport to change the way you experience sound. Normally we don’t buy into the hype but Drown does sound like this new set of earphones can like up to this sort of expectation. While most of our high end gaming headsets create a virtual soundscape, even using carefully crafted special audio systems like the Creative SXFi holographic audio to tailor sound, it still manages to miss many factors that are present in the real world. Drown gives players the power to perceive their in-game surrounding as if it were a real-life physical space, delivering precise spatial awareness that gives gamers the edge they need to dominate during play.

Put simply, Drown lets players feel what’s going on around them. Drown calls itself the world’s first tactile audio platform and manages this using a technology patented by Canadian sound engineer Mark O’Callaghan. The Drown earphones split the incoming sound wave into several distinct parts, allowing this tech to transmit acoustic vibrations directly to the nerves and cartilage in your pinnae, enriching the bass and the overall sound quality. The result, when I tried it last year, was shocking. Bullets sound like they are flying past you and I flinched more than a few times. you can find out more about the tech here.

drown audio waves


We’re looking to get a hands on with the final product, now that it is shipping but if you can’t wait then you can grab a pair over at the official Drown website now. Each pack comes with the following key features:

  • Acoustic seals: The Drown patented silicone seals fit comfortably to deliver a perfectly shaped audio wave. The seals come in four different sizes, meticulously designed to fit ears of nearly all different shapes and sizes.
  • Graphene Drivers: Drown uses high-quality graphene dynamic drivers to transmit greater audio information, and enriched bass. The driver is precisely positioned to transfer subtle vibration cues to the outer ear.
  • Wired for lag-free gaming: High-quality cable give the best possible acoustic signal and eliminate lag for the highest quality gaming experience.
    Passive Noise Isolation.
  • The Drown bass is deep without overwhelming the higher frequencies. The best of both worlds for the most authentic sound.

If you were one of the team’s Indiegogo backers then you can expect a pair of the unique looking earpieces soon, as these are now beginning to ship. For everyone else, you can still turn it up to 11.


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