Beyond Blue Joins BBC Blue Planet II In Concert

Beyond Blue, E-Line Media’s upcoming underwater adventure is about to step away from the front room and into the real world. In an announcement today, the BBC and E-Line revealed that Beyond Blue will be joining the BBC’s Blue Planet live in concert.

It’s hard to ignore the tide of public consciousness as it moves towards the deep. Games like Abzu, Subnautica, and the BBC’s own Blue Planet have dipped into an often unexplored world, flooding small screens around the world. After a second wave, with Blue Planet II, and reeling in BAFTA Awards a live concert followed. Performed by the City of Prague orchestra and featuring music by Hans Zimmer and David Flemming, it looks like the perfect stage for audiences to dip their toes into Beyond Blue.

Taking the fore during Blue Planet II’s intermission, attendees have an opportunity to sample footage from the game and sample Beyond Blue’s orchestral soundtrack for themselves. This tour marks the first chance to view brand new footage from the spiritual successor to Never Alone.

However, it also seems the tide flows both ways. E-Line has confirmed that Beyond Blue will now contain never seen before footage from the BBC, bringing Blue Planet II to this interactive exploration of the deep. If you live in the UK and Ireland then you can join Beyond Blue and the BBC on a 13 date tour. Alternatively, those of you across the ocean can find out more about Beyond Blue at the official website

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