Big Block DLC takes Tetris 99 Offline For A Price

Big Block DLC

What more could Nintendo give Tetris, a game that launched back in 1984 and seems to have more longevity than an Italian plumber and friends? It appears that, for Nintendo, the answer is lots more as a brand new DLC arrives for Tetris 99.

Out now, the brand new Big Block DLC provides a set of new play modes for the popular new iteration of the 8-bit classic. In a seemingly ironic nod to its origins, the latest DLC offers players the option of two new offline modes. Instead of getting online to battle among 98 other players in a head to head tournament, this Big Block DLC allows competitors to play off against 98 CPU opponents. If you are looking for something just a little more solitary than this then you’re In luck. The update also provides an offline marathon mode, asking players to push as far as they can, clear the most lines, and win big. This seemingly basic function comes at a price, however. You will need a base copy of Tetris 99 to get the new modes and then install the additional DLC, for around $9.99. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required to play the Big Block DLC, however.

If you do have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership then Tetris 99 owners will want to get on and test their skills in the latest Maximus Cup tournament. An online competition, the Maximus Cup starts on 17 May and runs until the 19 May. It is free to enter and pits players from across the globe against each other. The reward for this online extravaganza is glory and prizes. Anybody who racks up 100 game points or more will unlock an in-game theme inspired by the original Game Boy™ game. For more details on the Maximus Cup tournament and the 99 Blocks update check out you can check out the official Tetris 99 website.

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