Big Farm Story Plows Its Way Onto Steam

Big Farm Story

Budding farmers attend! Goodgame Studios has announced that Big Farm Story is now available on Steam Early Access. The game can be purchased for $19.99. The early access price includes the game’s first two chapters that are said to be “packed with an engaging story and lively characters”. The development team has plans to continuously expand the game with free updates.

The game challenges players to rebuild their missing grandfather’s farm and bring it back to its former glory. Players will tend crops, take care of farm animals, all while looking for dear ol’ Grandpa. Players will also be able to enhance their farms and even decorate the house in order to show up the neighbors who can also be visited. Budding farms will also be able to explore, harvest, and collect materials from nearby forests. They can also learn new skills like fishing or mushroom picking along the way.

Those who join up for early access will earn themselves a “sweet piglet” that can trot alongside the player and find treasures. It comes with its own resting basket to place in the player’s home. In addition, six other furniture and decorative items will be handed out alongside 12 XP flower seeds.

Over the coming months, players can look forward to an expansion of gameplay, the addition of multiplayer, and the new cooking crafting skill.

Check out the Big Farm Story Steam page to learn more about the game.

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