Big Rewards & Discounts in GTA Online This Week

GTA Online

With the coming weekend, Rockstar Games wants to give GTA Online players lots of motivation to come to the game and score some epic rewards and discounts. This week is no exception with tons of GTA$ and RP available as well as some sweet, sweet discounts on in-game goodies.

Players taking part in the industrial-scale demolition derby of Arena War will bring home double GTA$ and RP rewards. Triple Arena Points will be available to everyone who competes. “It takes guts to withstand wave after wave of bloodthirsty enemies. Some might even say it requires a death-wish. Those people just don’t understand the appeal of the Survival Series, and they probably never will.”

Those who visit The Diamond Casino & Resort will want to stop by the Lucky Wheel. As always, there are a number of nifty prizes available including t-shirts, RP, GTA$, and the top prize. This week, lucky players have the chance to take home the Dinka Sugoi just for spinning the wheel.

Lastly, there are tons of discounts on Apocalypse Vehicle Upgrade Variants, Vehicles, and Laser Weapons.

Check out all of the details by visiting the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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