Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock Challenges Nintendo To See Who Is Better At Milking

Billings Farm vs Nintendo

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock called Nintendo out on its 1-2 Switch game. Or, in particular, milking part of it, which is one of 28 minigames included in the bunch.

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock vs Nintendo: The Epic Story

We have 30 prize-winning Jersey milking cows that we milk twice a day, and it is NEVER that easy. We also think that you guys look pretty slow.

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock shared the letter via Facebook as well as hyperlinked Nintendo to make sure they get the message. Soon after a verified Nintendo account accepted the challenge.

Polygon contacted Nintendo for details. The company representative answered with “they’re actually going up there this week”.

Stay tuned to find out what it leads to.

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