Biomutant Will Have No Microtransactions


Experiment 101’s Studio Head Stefan Lungqvist participated in an interview with WellPlayed, sharing more details about the upcoming furry action Biomutant. Of particular note is his answer about any planned DLC or microtransactions in the game:

Our focus is to finish the main game and realise our vision to the quality we want first and foremost – then we hopefully deserve the right to add more content. One thing we can say about this though – we’ll definitely not have micro transactions in our game.

When the team had just started developing Biomutant, the game was more Diablo-esque in concept but it changed drastically to an open-world action RPG. There are three main parts to the story – “who you are as a character, your relation to the survivors and six tribes of the world, and how your actions affects that and the state of the world, as represented by the Tree of Life at the center of the world which is currently under attack by five World Eaters gnawing at its roots.” The way you tackle the three of the above dictates what happens to the world in your personal ending.

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