Bioware and EA didn’t come to Anthem First Birthday Party

Anthem - Update 1.6.0 'Icetide' is Here

Bioware’s Looter/Shooter Anthem has just turned one year old on February 22nd. Unlike the usual Bioware celebration, the likes of N7 Day or D4 Day, Anthem’s first birthday party has only been attended by a few developers from the team, with the official Twitter of Bioware, EA and Anthem itself staying silent and seemingly deciding to skip the party.

Following the update revealing that Anthem is currently all but on hold while the developers are working on overhauling the game, the silence seems understandable if ominous.

Even without the developers, the community gathered on Reddit to share memories of the experiences in the first year of the game. Check out the Reddit thread below if you wish to participate in the discussion:

Happy Anniversary, Anthem! from AnthemTheGame

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