Bithell Brings Arcsmith to Oculus Quest

Bithell games, the studio behind the utterly unique Thomas Was Alone, is about to bring VR Puzzle Experience Arcsmith to Oculus Quest on 29 July.

While we’re still wrapping up our excitement over last year’s The Solitaire Conspiracy, Bithell games is preparing to turn us all into space mechanics with its brand-new VR adventure, Arcsmith. A very different type of than from PC Build Simulator, this repair shop puts players in the mind of an apprentice arcsmith as you follow in the footsteps of your master teacher Korith Dinn. As you head out into the great junkyard above the sky, a multitude of astro machinery will need to be bolted back together.

Arcsmiths don’t seem to just rely on a traditional screwdriver set while on the job. Instead, you’ll use Oculus Touch controllers to fit together pieces to match a particular spec, all in your own time. With a mix of creative kit bashing and VR puzzle solving, Arcsmith is looking likely to be as inventive as we’ve come to expect form Bithell Games.

“It’s been exciting developing a spatial puzzle game for virtual reality,” said Nic Tringali, Game Director for Arcsmith at Bithell Games. “We’ve given players a variety of tools at their workbench to design and diagnose their creations, and VR gives us a unique way to present a game with an open-ended puzzle design.”

If you’re up for this adventure beyond the stars then Arcsmith is coming to Oculus 1 & 2 headsets on 29 July, costing £18.99 / $2499 / €24.99. You can find out more about your new career in scrap bashing over at the Arcsmith Oculus Store page now.

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