Black Book Announced Rogue-like Mode Endless Battles

Developer Morteshka and publisher HypeTrain Digital have revealed the Endless Battles DLC for turn-based RPG Black Book, expanding the game with the addition of rogue-like option available as a separate game mode.

“Cherdyn is abuzz with whispers again…a famous knower embarks on a journey into the very depths of Hell, but this time, she has no time. It’s all or nothing. Will she make it? That is up to you alone.”

This time, the entire focus is on card-based combat, your preparation skills, and tactical acumen. Vasilisa will have only three days to reach her final destination: the battle with Satan himself.

  • Battle against foes of all kinds – Develop strategies to defeat minions and bosses alike
  • Plot your journey well – Take one of the several branching paths towards your end goal and prepare accordingly
  • Build your card deck – Earn new cards and enhance your offense and defense card deck
  • Collect trinkets for your character – You will need every advantage possible to succeed on her journey, and trinkets will aid you greatly with this
  • Unlock new powers – Spend experience on unlocking new abilities, cards, and powers

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