Black Book Is Out Now

Check Out Black Book, a brand new tactical folk tale, as it arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

If you’re looking for a riveting tale full of Slavic folklore, magic, and tactical turn-based battles then HypeTrain Digital and Morteshka might have a card game for you. The new deck builder, Black Book, is available across PC with consoles coming later in the week. Delving deep into Slavic myths and melding in several RPG elements, this adventure plunges players into a world where they must guide a young sorceress across a world where humans and mythological creatures mostly live side by side.

As you push through dark forests and local towns you’ll find plenty of companions on your way — from a war-battered soldier to a talking cat with a dry sense of humour. While you search for a demonic artefact, known as the Black Book, the haunting memory of a lost love hangs in the air and if you can overcome the battles that await, a single wish could bring them back. Over 20 hours of gameplay awaits, all fully voiced and populated by a diverse array of characters.

Where Black Book really looks likely to shine is the turn-based card battles. Leaning into the theme of this story, traditional card decks are replaced by the Black Book and its pages. Players can pick from a range of spells to unleash and actions that will destroy the spirits and demons that stand between you and the Black Book’s 7 seals. If you are eager to head back to the 19th century in search of the Black Book then head over to the official Steam Store page or turn the page on the trailer above.

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