Black Book Kickstarter Launches With First Chapter Free

Black Book, a new game based on Slavic mythology, just launched a Kickstarter and is dealing out a taster for potential backers free of charge.

You might remember that last month we covered Black Book’s initial announcement. The upcoming card game from Morteshka is a deck-building RPG that has a unique feel to it. Featuring tales of myth and legend, Black Book is steeped in a world where reality and myth find humans living alongside otherworldly creatures. Fortunately for most of them, you are one of the few people who can see the more unusual aspects of this world. Players looking to follow the tale of Vasilisa as she seeks to unlock the secrets of the demonic Black Book and grant any wish to the one person that can uncover each of the book’s seven seals can now get a glimpse of the game before they pledge on the Kickstarter campaign.

Free Demo

The free demo, Black Book: Prologue, is now available for PC on the Steam storefront. Gamers picking up this free adventure will find themselves staring down a mix of elements picked from narrative tales, RPG turn-based titles, and deck builders. In this mystical world, you’ll collect cards that combine to create unique and devastating spells. The turn-based combat should appeal to old school RPG fans while the raft of d1emons, elementals, giant wolves, talking pets, and other companions that players can recruit makes for a deep pool of strategies to draw from.

If you love games like The Witcher, Slay the Spire, and SteamWorld Quest, then the Kickstarter for this gorgeous looking adventure might be worth your time. The Kickstarter is live right now with bu in for a copy of Black Book starting at just $15 dollars. There is, however, plenty of time to take the demo for a whirl over at the official Black Book Steam Store page as the crowdfunding campaign has 31 days remaining. Check out the trailer or head over to the Black Book Kickstarter for more information before it arrives on PC and console next year.


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