Black Desert Online Coming to PlayStation 4 in August

Get Ready to go back to Black Desert as Pearl Abyss launches the MMORPG on PlayStation 4 on 22 August. Pre-orders have already opened with a ton of added extras for the game.

Coming to Sony’s console soon, Black Desert is an action combat MMORPG with some absolutely gorgeous graphics. Back when it first launched on PC it is fair to say that most of us were blown away by the aesthetic and fluid combat systems. Set in a fantasy world, Black Desert drops players into a sandbox world allowing them to fight massive monsters, take on PvE challenges, engage in PvP, hunt, fish, build, and trade among other things. Developed by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online already hit Xbox and now pre-orders are open for the PlayStation version.

Pre Order Packs

Players ready to find their true selves can take part in the adventure with the Standard Edition and Ultimate edition, coming in at $29.99 and $49.99. These both contain a number of pre-order additions, including:

Standard Edition
– Black Desert Full Game
– Snow Wolfdog (Pet)
– Value Pack (30 Day)
– Pearl Box (1000 Pearls) – Virtual currency

Ultimate Edition
– Black Desert Full Game
– Value Pack (90Day)
– Snow Wolfdog (Pet)
– Junaid Cat (Pet)
– Tier 5 Horse
– Calpehon Charger’s Horse Gearset
– Horse Flute (Permanent)
– Combat/Life/Skill EXP Scrolls (x10 Each)
– Storage Maid x1
– Pearl Box (3000 Pearls) – Virtual currency

PlayStation Plus subscribers snapping up this offer will get an extra 10% off the cost and a bunch of extra add ons for early purchase, including a 48-hour early access pass for Ultimate editions. Black Desert’s sandbox world might look intimidating but plenty of players have taken on the challenge on already, netting Black Desert over $1billion in its lifetime. With the console becoming the new home of MMOs, maybe Black Desert Online could be the one for you. You can check out more about the game over at the PlayStation Store.

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