Black Desert Launches Succession On Xbox and PlayStation 4

Black Desert Launches Succession

Black Desert, the still-stunning looking MMORPG, is set to hark back to the past as it launches the Succession system on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Arriving on consoles as part of a free update, the Succession system is set to provide you with the option of putting down your Awakening weapon and move on to a brand new set of skills. Whether you are running a Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger or berserker class, you’ll be able to expand your options and utilize outrageous abilities by re-equipping your original weapon. While many skill updates and progression trees tend towards newer flashier weapons, the Succession system adds the obligatory new skills and powerful variations to the same weapon that accompanies each class on their early journies.

While the Succession system is not available for any of the newer classes, such as the Hashashin, the changes to original weapons are intended to achieve several goals. Picking up Succession should feel like a viable alternative to Awakening, with Succession weapons able to compete in PvE. Secondly, Succession is intended to elevate the appeal of pre-Awakening combat. Finally, Succession should make it easier for adventurers to master the controls of the main weapons, slimming down the plethora of abilities attached to these familiar sidearms.

Alongside the new weapon track, the latest patch injects a host of additional events to Balck Desert, with a multitude of extra activities to help you prepare for Succession.

  • Players will receive rewards for reaching certain levels above 56 in the Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger or Beserker classes, such as additional battle EXP scroll, additional skill EXP scroll, gold bars and advice of Valks.
  • Adventurers can receive a skill EXP buff that last for three hours by finding and talking to the Mystery Knight, who is known to appear randomly on the battle ground
  • The limited-time Hot Time event is back from 2pm until midnight every weekday and all day on weekends. During this time, Adventurers will get an additional 100% battle EXP and 30% skill EXP, and gathering Adventurers in one place will increase the drop rate of black crystal fragments.

Anybody looking for the full low down on this new progression track can check out the full patch notes over at the Black Desert website right now.

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