Black Desert Mobile Adds Constellations

Black Desert Mobile Constellation Banner Art

Black Desert Mobile, the utterly gorgeous looking mobile MMORPG, has just added Constellations to its content roster.

Following on from updates in Korea, Black Desert Mobile players in the west can now jump into Constellation content. Having dropped onto the iOS and Android versions of Black Desert yesterday, the latest update to this on the go MMO brings a bunch of new content. Don’t worry if you’re as confused as we were when this news dropped, this isn’t about astrology. Instead, the Constellations content adds a brand new menu to players UI, which leads to a whole set of brand new battlegrounds full of fun, Families, and a ton of loot.

New Content New Challenge

Anybody loading up the latest Constellations update will need to complete some precursor quest to access this new content and grab the aforementioned loot. A brand new Faded Constellation questline unlocks this Constellation menu option, allowing players to explore the available content on offer. If the Korean experience is anything to go by, a range of different constellations will unlock during seasons, opening up access to new challenges and rewards. Even after completing the Faded Constellation questline, you’ll still need to farm Adventure Tokens to enter each of these Constellation instances. Thankfully these should be easy enough to come by, as rewards for daily quests.

The Constellation menu isn’t all about grabbing silver, however. Unlocking Constellations provides players with Knowledge. This directly translates to an opportunity to boost Energy, Attack Points, and Defense Points. To celebrate the addition of Constellation content, Black Desert Mobile is running an event for players where they can collect a range of Constellation Tablets and use these to stock up on Adventure Tokens. The event runs between now and the 20 April so stop gazing at the stars and head over to the Black Desert Mobile Constellations patch notes for more details now.

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