Black Desert Mobile adds new world boss, Nouver

Black Desert Mobile Nouver

Black Desert Mobile players of level 55+ who are ready for a challenge will be able to test their mettle against a new world boss. Nouver, a “behemoth dragon”, has been unleashed in the game as part of a free update.

Nouver will challenge even the most intrepid player but the risk is worth the reward. According to developers, the items he drops can be “game-changing rewards”. He can drop things including the Grand Black Stone at a higher rate than other world bosses, and the Abyssal sub-weapon that utilizes Nouver’s own powerful aura. It is considered one of the “best offensive weapons” in the game to date.

Other things that came as part of this week’s update include:

  • the Ascension system (Ascension skills will be added in the next update)
  • events and quests that will yield full Epic grade armor sets
  • the ability to craft “mystical weapons and armor”

Check out the full patch notes on the Black Desert Mobile official site.

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