Black Desert Mobile Gets Tier 6 Pets In Latest Update

black desert tier 6 pet

Black Desert Mobile, the on the go MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, kicked off the new year with an update that should find the pitter-patter of little paws with tier 6 pets now in game.

Just announced, and already in game, the new year update to Black Desert Mobile is waiting for adventurers that haven’t had a chance to get online or are still recovering from the holiday festivities. While we’ve just been getting back to work, Pearl Abyss has included tier 6 pets into the new update, providing us with some significant improvements to our mobile companions. Now, pets evolved all the way up to tier 6 will have more powerful skills such as higher Combat EXP, Black Spirit EXP, and Attack and Defense Points. Anybody looking to foster a newly upgraded pet won’t need to simply pull at random. Anybody who has two tier 5 pets available to swap will be in with a chance of obtaining one of these critters, with a pity pull at 10 attempts guaranteed too. now the new update has arrived.


That isn’t the only new year addition for smartphone owners. Black Desert Mobile has also amended Abyssal Relics, meaning their stats have increased, and players can now also enjoy a higher success rate when enhancing Mystical Relics. In addition, funds received from Node Wars and Siege Wars has increased dramatically, with up to triple the income now on offer. A Medal of Honor will also be given as a reward which can be used to purchase various other items after you’ve crushed your enemies on the battlefield.

Beyond these big improvements, there are a bunch of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and loot amendments to make the new year a bit easier on anybody logging back in. To check out all the patch notes for 5 January, head over to the official Black Desert Mobile website now. If you haven’t checked out what I still consider to be one of the best presented mobile MMOs on the market, then you can grab it for free on the iOS and Android app stores now.

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