Black Desert Mobile Is Getting A Grand Desert Expansion

Black Desert Mobile, the small screen port of the hit MMORPG, is about to get a massive update in the form of a new Grand Desert Expansion.

Due to land sometime in the near future, the Grand Desert Expansion coming to this gorgeous looking MMO is set to plunge players into rolling dunes and mysterious temples. Full of new rewards and huge new challenges, this entirely unexplored region is, of course, going to bring a new realm of adventure for players as they venture out into the sands and learn more about the Black Spirit that lives there. While we haven’t got a whole lot more information on this new expansion, there is a trailer to whet your appetites for this massive update.

More New Content

While fans of this mobile MMORPG don’t know exactly how long they will have to wait for the newest addition to the world, there is plenty of other content coming at the end of this year. Black Desert Mobile is set to celebrate its first anniversary on 8 December, and that means in game festivities. A new event, called Black Spirit Complete Guide, will kick off to commemorate the first full year of activity on mobile screens. This will be accompanied by a range of special quests to level up quickly and unlock endgame content, all in preparation to take on another year in Back Desert Mobile.

With the one year mark about to creep up on players, anybody dropping back in will also benefit from a new returning user-care system, allowing returning Black Desert Mobile players to enjoy new content more easily by reaching higher levels faster. As usual with Black Desert Mobile updates, there’s far more in the full patch notes than we have room to cram in here, but with other improvements like carriage upgrades and a brand new attack and defence boost to aid existing players you’d best head over to the official Black Desert Mobile website to get acquainted with the details while preparing to enter the Grand Desert. Anyway, I really need a bit more time to conquer Hadum’s Realm before the Black Desert Mobile Grand Desert Expansion.

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