Black Desert Mobile – Max Graphic Settings Now Unlocked

Black Desert Mobile - Max Graphic Settings Now Unlocked

A new system has been implemented in Black Desert Mobile with the latest maintenance on January 7th, allowing players to use max graphic settings on all devices. Previously the developers planned to test each individual device and compose a list of verified devices but the process was taking too long.

  • First, all devices that meet the specifications to run max settings can enable max settings without any constraints. In simple terms, high-end phones which meet the requirements to run the game on max settings can do so. No more locked max graphics!
  • Second, this system allows lower-end phones to run Black Desert Mobile on max settings, but there is a catch. If the game suffers from frame drops or overheating, the system will automatically adjust the settings so that smoother gameplay will be prioritized. So please be aware that if your phone is below the requirements for max settings, the system will prioritize performance over quality.
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  1. Great stuff! I love the mobile version when I’m in for a mobile MMO. They did a good job on this. The voice overs are great!

  2. ikr, the quality of the story in this makes it actually feel ike im not just auto running my way through a game and i just got a new mobile… time to melt it 😀

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