Black Desert Mobile players can check out the Dark Knight

Pearl Abyss has announced that the Dark Knight has now arrived in Black Desert Mobile with its latest update. In addition, players can also check out the Tower of Trial while Portuguese players will find full localization support added to the game.

The Dark Knight uses a large two-handed weapon called the Kriegsmesser along with dark magic and is considered “the most versatile fighter on the battlefield”. Those who choose to play as the Dark Knight will earn special rewards as they level up. Rewards include Ancient Gold Coins, High-Grade Crystal Chests, Good Black Stone Sacks, and the Shakatu’s Mystical Key. Each of these items can strengthen equipment, upgrade the camp, and assist in the growth of the Black Spirit.

The Tower of Trial is a great way to level up characters above level 45. The cool thing is that players can be adventuring on one character and send a second character to the Tower of Trial to level up. “This is a great way to grow multiple characters and get double rewards at the same time.” developers wrote. As characters complete each floor, they will receive better XP and “compensation”.

Check out the Black Desert Mobile official site to learn more.

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