Black Desert Online Goes Gothic With O’dyllita In 2020

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Black Desert Online continues to expand with the news that the hit MMO from Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss will get a huge new O’dyllita update later this year.

Moving from the green savannahs of old, Black Desert Online will get a sizeable update later this year and while we don’t have the exact date for this drop, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have unveiled some detail about the haunting addition to the world.

The region of O’dyllita comes with a reputation as one of the most treacherous areas of the world. This dark and distinctly gothic take on adventure holds some true challenge for any adventurers that journey there. Barren valleys house the downtrodden Olluns while the ruins of an ancient kingdom lie abandoned and overrun in the dark forest of O’dylitta. The vicious vicious Ahib will likely cut down any unprepared explorer but the potential rewards may very well be worth the risk in this new land.

New Loot

The new update will include a new marquee armor set and an entirely new soundtrack for the region, composed by Hwiman Ryu and arranged by Inro Joo both from Pearl Abyss and performed by the Staatskapelle Weimar. Before you jump in and forge the Blackstar armor, the new soundtrack is already available on the Black Desert Online Youtube Channel. This should provide ample background entertainment while fans of the hit MMORPG engage in a plethora of 4th-anniversary activities currently running across Black Desert Online. Players can loot up to $200,- in Pearl Shop items, some of which we detailed when the news broke about the celebration earlier this year.

To find out about the new update, or the current festivities, head over to the official Black Desert Online Website and get ready for spooky forests and more endgame content in BDO.


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