Black Desert Online to raise funds for Australia & Turkey

Black Desert Online

Kakao Games has announced a new fundraising initiative in Black Desert Online. A special in-game event will allow players to help raise money for relief efforts to assist those affected by the bushfires in Australia and by the recent earthquake in Turkey. The event is currently available and will run through February 19th and developers hope to send a donation of “up to $84,000 USD” that will be donated to charitable organizations by Pearl Abyss. The names of the charities will be announced at a later date.

Robin Jung, CEO of Pearl Abyss said: “We prepared a meaningful event in which adventurers from our service regions, 150 countries around the world including Australia and Turkey, can contribute donations.” He continued: “We hope for a quick recovery and hope everyone affected can return to their everyday lives.”

During the event, players can purchase a Charity Token from Lara in Heidel for 1M Silver each. Purchasing a single Token earns players the title Wingless Angel. Those who are part of the Top 10 Adventurers in each region will earn the title Angel. Lara will also hand out a special quest that can be completed by turning in a Charity Token once per Family. It will yield the Sprout of Life that provides Interior Points, +25 Energy Recovery, +1 for 2 hours, and has 5 Durability.

Check out the full details as well as see the current funds raised, by visiting the Black Desert Online official site.

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