Black Desert Online’s Hashashin Is Ready For An Awakening This September

Black Desert Online’s new whirlwind of destruction, the Hashashin class, is set to get its Awakening and Succession skills in one week’s time.

Set to arrive on 16 September, the Awakening and Succession skills for the Hashashin class are about to give players who rolled a new character the opportunity to advance even further with this brand new breed of warrior. Gamers who have picked up the mantle of the Hashashin will be able to add another layer of strength to their character when they reach their Awakening.

Now wielding the full power of Aal, the Valencian god and a ferocious dual glaive, the Hashashin can wield this brand new weapon to unleash incredible torment on any enemy. Players will be able to summon sand snakes, while the Ensnaring Sands skill can shift the sand below an enemy’s feet and trap them in place. With the Constriction move, summoned sand snakes will constrict and bind foes, while the Paradise Surge skill allows the Hashashin to quickly close down the distance between them and their victims.

Succession Skills

The Shamshir is not done for after Awakening, however. The upcoming Succession skills should also allow the Hashashin to remain a formidable opponent when wielding either of the weapons in their arsenal.

After first launching onto consoles, the Hashashin’s arrival on the PC world of Black Desert Online has allowed long term players of Black Desert Online to return to the earlier areas of this massive MMORPG. If you are one of these dedicated warriors, you might have noticed a few new players, as the recently launched Twitch Drops campaign, that we covered earlier this month, gives away in-game goodies and entire copies of Black Desert Online for free. If you want to try out the Hashashin class, test the new Awakening and Succession skills, or just grab Black Desert Online for free, check out more on the official Black Desert Online website.

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