Black Desert Reveals The Nova Class

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Pearl Abyss has unveiled the Nova, a brand new class for its MMORPG Black Desert.

Coming to consoles, mobile and PC soon this fresh new combat character class was announced over the weekend at the Pearl Abyss Calphe:ON Ball. Pearl Abyss introduced fans from across the globe to the Nova Class over Youtube and Twitch channels and it certainly looks like a reason to reroll.

The Nova Class, also known as the last star of the kingdom of Calpheon possesses a powerful combination of mace and shield that allow this warrior to take a front line role while unleashing an impressive mix of melee attacks and spiritual energy on her foes. The Nove wields the Morning Star and the Quoratum empowered by the Divine Tree Quturan. Using these weapons, she can take down her enemies with mid-range attacks but is even more effective when she summons the spirits of Royal Guards. Throughout the weekend we got a glimpse of the upcoming combat capability of the Nova, we’ve added that below for you to get an idea of what this new class looks like.

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Anybody eager to jump into battle with the Nova can get set for the pre-creation event on December 15 for Black Desert Mobile and December 16 for Black Desert Console and Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can play as Nova across all platforms starting December 22.

This wasn’t the only new Black Desert players got during the Pearl Abyss Calphe:ON Ball. Black Desert Game Design Department Head Jeseok Jang ran through the highlights of the 2021 roadmap, including a bunch of new PvP content. Now Black Desert’s spin-off Shadow Arena is firmly established, it seems that players in Blac Desert will face off in a round of new PvP content. This includes a busy 10 v. 10 Crew mode and a revamp of the game’s territory styled Node War.

With extra additions coming to Black Desert Mobile and a sack full of rewards on offer to celebrate the Calphe:ON Ball, it’s probably worth brushing up on what’s coming over on the official Black Desert website now.

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