Black Gold Lets You Hunt for Texas Tea

RockGame has announced a new sim called Black Gold that is set in the early days of the 20th century that was a boon for Texas entrepreneurs looking for oil in the arid southwest. The announcement comes with few details though it is inferred that players will set out for Texas to build themselves an oil empire from the ground up. RockGame is known for its sims including Cowboy Life Simulator, Pirate Commander, Ninja Simulator, and Yakuza Empire.

Here’s what the Black Gold Steam page has to say about the game:

  • Be Your Own Boss – This is a first-person management simulator game where you take your place in the race for money. You are the one responsible for your success: decide who works for you, choose where you put your first steps, and control how well your oil wells run.
  • Hire People – You will need a lot of hands to work efficiently. Choose people who will work for you and remember that every character has different attributes – watch closely who is worth extra salary and who can ruin your business.
  • Command – Create orders and assign duties for your workers. You can leave them work, help them and manage them, or perform tasks on your own.
  • Build – Before you will start extracting petroleum, you must build a drilling rig. Build as high a derrick as you can and drill into the ground even further!
  • Watch Your Step – Beware of any obstacles that can occur on your way to obtain great wealth. The greatest danger hides underground – intense pressure might create an oil gusher that will blow up your oil derricks, efforts, and money.
  • Become Rich – After you sell your first crude oil barrel, your wallet will grow quickly. Spend money to discover new technology, enlarge your workplace, buy new machines, or upgrade them.

The game will be available “soon” on Steam for PC. It is unknown whether or not it will be available on other platforms, though developers have promised more information in the coming days.

Check out the trailer and then head to the link above to learn more about Black Gold.

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