Rejoin The Blackout Club for a Brand New Update

The Blackout Club

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? You could call 555-2368 but that won’t do much if you’ve been playing The Blackout Club. Now, this co-op horror is planning some new feelings of dread as a new update goes live on 18th January.

This Friday, indie developers Question invite players to return to a non-descript small town that harbors a dark secret. Originally released into early access back in 2017, The Blackout Club is a new take on the traditional solitary experience of horror games. As a teenager trapped in the sleepy suburbs of Redacre, nothing should interrupt the daily humdrum of your existence. A shadow falls over that routine when one of your friends goes missing. What follows is an inventive descent into darkness as a defiant young group of detectives rail against ignorant adults and take on the town’s very own boogeyman, an entity known as Angel.

Billed as a co-operative horror game, The Blackout Club is a horror mystery that definitely echoes vibes of Stranger Things. This particular update is due to bring a push of gameplay changes and a Stalker PvP update. The return of the Stalker introduces an adversarial role to The Blackout Club, pitting one player against the teens. Playing as the Stalker, it is this players job to hunt down The Blackout Club and their prying eyes. Question has confirmed that there will be more details to come on all the updates as it arrives. In the meantime, you can still join The Blackout Club on early access on Steam, or check out the official website for more information.

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