Blackwood Crossing Arrives for PS4 Today, PC/XBox One Tomorrow

Blackwood Crossing

PaperSeven sent word that Blackwood Crossing is out today for PlayStation 4. PC and XBox One users will have to wait an extra day with their release coming April 5th.

This is PaperSeven’s first major release. The company is an independent studio with team members coming from Disney’s Black Rock Studio as well as other studios.

What is Blackwood Crossing?

Scarlett and Finn are the stars of the game. As siblings and orphans, they have only had one another to depend upon. However, Scarlett is growing up and they are growing apart.

As they embark on a train trip, a mysterious figure shows itself. According to the developers, the trip “evolves into a magical story of life, love and loss”. It is up to Scarlett to work through challenges and puzzles throughout the journey.

The game is $15.99 on all platforms. You can learn more on its official site.

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