Blade & Soul 2 Kicks Off Korean Pre-Registration With A Ton Of New Info

Blade & Soul 2, the newest title from South Korean giant NCSoft, just opened pre-registration in Korea with a ton of new detail about this upcoming MMO.

Just days after Netmarble and NCSoft opened global pre-registration for their mobile port of the very first Blade & Soul title, NCSoft is hyping up its newest entry in the wuxia franchise with a plethora of detail about the new MMORPG. This cross-platform adventure is has opened up pre-registration for players in South Korea, and while that means that any detail is pending globalization, we can fathom a lot more about this new tales of flying fists.

While we’ve previously described Blad & Soul2 as a mobile game before, it looks like NCSoft do not look to be locking this to one platform after all. Whether that simply means emulation with no concessions to the desktop environment, we’ve yet to see. True to form, however, we will likely see some changes to this new story in the Blade & Soul universe. As a new tale and not a direct carry over from Blade & Soul, new players will find a similar focus on fast-flowing combos that allow spectacular looking combat mechanics and devastating action. Unlike the original, however, there doesn’t look like there will be fixed classes, allowing players to skill their character based on the weapon they are carrying. We have yet to find out if we will see a diminutive Yun wielding all of the touted gauntlets, swords, bows, Inner chi force, bells, and massive axes.


Equally as important is the obvious step u in graphical fidelity, with the entire affair rendered in Unreal Engine 4 and several years of technological advancement behind it, Blade & Soul 2 presents a huge, and frankly stunning, open world environment filled with some impressive action adventure, boss battles, and PvP to boot. All of this was showcased featuring some of NCSoft’s most important names and you can check out the video below. The announcements also coincide with a ton of changes on the official Blade & Soul website for you to take a look at. Yes, nothing is confirmed until global launch but that better not be too long. Until then, we’re sharpening our swords for Blade & Soul Revolution. Check out more about Blade & Soul 2 at the official website now.

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