Blade & Soul Revolution Out Now On Mobile

Blade & Soul Revolution Review

Blade & Soul Revolution, the newest incarnation of NCSoft’s martial arts MMO, is set to land on iOS and Android mobiles today.

Blade & Soul Revolution, the mobile port of NCSoft’s action combat MMORPG is launching globally today. Available on iOS and Android storefronts, this fully fledged MMO experience is set to bring the full Blade & Soul experience into the small screen arena with devastating accuracy. Brought to life by the team at Netmarble this port of a well known PC game is a distinctly different beast than Lineage 2 Revolution. The previous NC property that Netmarble handled may have been successful on the small screen but Blade & Soul Revolution is as close as you’ll get to the original, with a few new tweaks for mobile.

Players familiar with the original Blade & Soul will find the same high graphical fidelity, gorgeous world, and high octane combat but with something of a more streamlined leveling system. Five classes will be on offer for this journey. These include the Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner. At the end of this story of revenge players can expect to find high level 20 man dungeons, clan raids, and massive online PVP battles too.

“Developing Blade & Soul Revolution was highly enjoyable. Thanks to our team’s background in developing AAA-quality mobile games like Lineage 2: Revolution and A3: Still Alive, we were once again able to take a famed IP known by MMO and RPG players across the world and create an authentic Blade & Soul experience that anyone can enjoy,” said Andy Kang, Executive Producer of Netmarble.

Ever since we got wind that Blade & Soul was making a jump and windwalk over to mobile platforms we were a bit hesitant. Action combat mobile games are difficult to pull off well, and we didn’t expect anything close to Black Desert Mobile. However, we got hands on and had quite a lot to say about this reinvention of Blade & Soul. You can check out our thoughts now over on our Blade & Soul Revolution preview. If you’re already interested then head over to the official website for more detail or catch the showcase stream featuring ProZD, TheLazyPeon, CynicAlex, OrangeJuiceGaming over on the official Twitch channel tomorrow.

Blade & Soul is ready to download now, for free, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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