Blade & Soul Revolution Release Date Brings Kung Fu To Mobiles This March

Blade & Soul Revolution Release Date artwork picture

Blade & Soul Revolution, the small screen port of Blade & Soul, has a release date and is due to leap into action on 4 march.

Due to Windwalk its way onto iOS and Android in just under 6 weeks time, Blade & Soul Revolution is the latest cooperative mobile release between NCSoft and Netmarble. After the hugely successful Lineage 2: Revolution, its now the turn of NCSoft’s martial arts MMORPG to get the small screen treatment. This time around, however, player can expect all of Blade & Soul’s free-form adrenaline fuelled action and an expansive open world in a port of the desktop original.

Chose Your Weapon

After some serious success in Korea, Blade & Soul Revolution will bring its impressive visuals and unrelenting combat to western mobiles. Originally unleashed on iOS and Android charts in eastern territories, it picked up a “Google Play Best Game in Korea” for 2019, and we’re not entirely surprised why. After spending some time in Blade & Soul revolution ahead of a global release, we called this mobile MMORPG  “a fitting tribute to Blade & Soul”. Blade & Soul Revolution is set to fly kick off adventure with five professions. The Blade Master, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Summoner will all allow players to explore a huge 3D world backed by the Unreal 4 engine, as they chase down the very same Jinsoyun that caused so much terror back in 2016.

Blade & Soul Revolution is far from just another side scrolling cash grab, or at least we hope sop. The scale of the environment, dedication of the team in translating the original adventure onto the small screen, and the impressive looking 50 player clan battles make this a serious appetizer for Blade & Soul 2, although don’t expect that any time soon. Anybody interested in jumping into Blade & Soul revolution might want to head over to the official website and pre register. Gamers will grab 1,000 Black Crystals and one premium pet (a Lumi for Android users and a Sparkie for iPhone users). Until then check out our thoughts on this upcoming quest or head over to the official website to check out more on Blade & Soul Revolution.

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