Blasphemous 2 – Check Out the Announcement Trailer

Developer The Game Kitchen and publisher Team17 have shared a new trailer to announce Blasphemous 2, a hardcore Souls-like metroidvania, that will be hitting PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and Steam in late Summer 2023. To celebrate this very special occasion, the teams released a whole minute of goodness in a video you can find above. It contains both bits of gameplay and a very brief animated scene.

“Blasphemous 2 follows The Penitent One as he awakens in an unfamiliar land, displaced from his final resting place, and thrust back into the endless cycle of life, death, and resurrection.”

The story of the sequel picks up from where the Wounds of Eventide DLC ended, where The Heart in the Sky heralded the return of The Miracle and foretold the birth of a new miracle child. The developers invite players to dive into a perilous new world filled with mysteries and secrets to discover, and tear your way through monstrous foes that stand between you and your quest to end the cycle once and for all.

Blasphemous 2 Features Include:

  • Savage Combat – The Penitent One shows no mercy, and with a series of new weapons offering new moves, brutal executions, and expanded combos, destruction will rain on any that stand in his way.
  • Boss Battles – Hordes of monstrous foes stand between you and your goal; twisted bosses with unique attack patterns and sundering abilities will put your skills to the test as you fight to stand triumphant when the dust settles.
  • Play Your Way – Blasphemous 2 offers up new ways to play, with the ability to customize and improve your base skillset, alongside several new unique weapons to unleash devastating attacks on enemies.
  • Strange New WorldA whole new world awaits, bustling with mysterious NPCs to interact with. The stories and myths you encounter will help you unpick the games myriad of secrets, granting you a deeper understanding of this strange new world. 
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