Blazing Chrome Burning Up Screens In July

Blazing Chrome is seemingly set on reminding us that in a world full of AAA live services there is joy to be found in blasting a pixel plated army of chrome overloads into oblivion. Get ready to save the world the old way on July 11.

Published by The Arcade Crew and developed by indie JoyMasher, this 2D mission to free humanity plays heavy on old school sensibilities. The machine overlords rule and it’s up to players to lead the revolution and hack the system. This plan is, however, less cyberpunk and more bullets and bombs. The classic run and gun scenario feature a range of fast-paced levels full of enemies to annihilate on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4.

Twin Stick Carnage

The twin stick action doesn’t stop there. Playing as either Mavra, a human resistance fighter, or, Doyle, an insurgent robot, players can call a friend to provide more firepower. Local co-op and split screen action means that whether you are playing on PC, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4 you can get a hand with the revolution. Doyle is not the only spare pair of mechanical hands available to players either. The new trailer, above, showcases some of Blazing Chrome’s hidden characters.

Suhaila, a razor girl with a robotic arm and the deadly ninja Raijin are ready to assist the fight, bringing a new range of weaponry to the experience. These characters are armed with entirely ninja-based weaponry. Skilled warriors can harness a deadly katana, jump higher and use a dash, creating a completely new combat experience in a Contra-like game.

Blazing Chrome is a throwback to a time that many of us remember but it certainly doesn’t look dated. Call a friend and get ready to join the resistance. You can find out more about Blazing Chrome at the official website now.

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