Bleach Immortal Soul Code Giveaway

Bleach Immortal Soul Code Giveaway

We’ve got a whole bunch of Bleach Immortal Soul codes to give away this weekend for Substitute Shinigami everywhere.

If you decided to pick up Bleach Immortal Soul recently then you’ve probably been reacquainting yourself with the life of Ichigo Kurosaki and friends The latest mobile game to take inspiration from Tite Kubo’s Bleach landed on mobile screens just last week and since then we’ve been reliving the early 2000s as we arrived back in Karakura town and started slaying Hollows.

To celebrate the launch of Bleach Immortal Soul, GREE and Oasis Games have given us a whole heap of in-game codes for players. Each prize pack will grant players of this mobile RPG the following loot.

  • Soulstone Box*20
  • Fractured Soulstone*50
  • Soul Jades*500
  • Gold*10k

That’s a sizable allowance just for entering our giveaway over this weekend. You’ve got until Monday 6th April 2PM EST to enter. If you already kicked off your journey and have cut through the Gotei 13 then this should help you get an edge in endgame content, or simply build out your deck.

Bleach Immortal Soul is a mobile RPG where players can experience the tale of a teenager who is inadvertently thrust into a supernatural world of Death Gods and monsters. Available on iOS and Android, this adventure follows the same story as the original manga and massive hit anime series. Bleach: Immortal Soul is an authentic mobile RPG that follows Ichigo’s adventures as a novice Soul Reaper. Now available on Google Play and the App Store, the game lets you experience Ichigo’s decisions and consequences. You’ll defend Karakura Town with your Zanpakuto blades, build an unbeatable team, and strengthen your strategy and skills to triumph in turn-based combat while battling Hollows and guiding lost souls to Soul Society. Armed with items from a special code, get ready to lose your soul in the exciting and challenging new world of Bleach: Immortal Soul!


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