Bless Unleashed Gets A Spring Update

Bless Unleashed, the latest installment in the Bless franchise, now has a brand new Spring Update that will bring plenty of new challenges to this adventure.

While the world of Lumios might still be thriving with activity after the release of Bless Unchained earlier in 2021, Bandai Namco has announced that warriors and wizards of all types will get plenty of new adventure as part of the new Spring Update. New side quests are now slotted in all over, with veteran adventurers able to pick up more time with Orfina, Delila Bendelak, Krista, and Mokoro as they explore what’s in store. As well as additional time with your favorite NPC, players can take on a range of regional quest lines, as well as looting some serious reward as part of 15 new Ancient Weapon quests.

The addition of Ancient weapons to the update might be sorely needed, as the Bless Unleashed Spring Update invites players to jump into a new dungeon. Titled Rutus Mines – Depths of Corruption, this challenging Abyssal instance of Rutus Mines, pushes the brave deep into the Rutus Mines and explores an area where no humans have entered in a very long time. Of course, there are plenty of mysteries and rewards to unlock as you go.

If you’re not interested in incredible power, then speed might be your thing. The Spring update adds times modes to dungeon runs too, as well as fishing tournaments for those that want an even slower pace to your competition. This isn’t everything that the Bless Spring Update has to offer and anybody who has picked up the follow up the original Bless title can experience this free update across the 14 zones and countless adventures that Bless Unleashed Has to offer. You can check out more about the new content over on the official Bless Unleashed website now or have a peek at the trailer above.

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