Bless Unleashed Highlights PC Changes

Bless Unleashed Highlights PC Changes

With the final PC beta test coming to Bless Unleashed on May 12th, Neowiz and Round8 Studio have revealed the massive changes coming to the PC version of the game: from combat to UI, new monsters, and better matchmaking.

“We’ve been listening to every player’s feedback during the beta tests,” said Jason Park, Round 8 Studio’s head of development. “Every little change has come out of feedback from our players and fans. We cannot wait to get this final test into their hands next week, and we hope you’ll all join in to see the fruits of our labor!”

Here’s what you can expect to find in the PC version:

  • Enhanced Combat Through the Updated Skill System – each blessing will have a unique combat mechanism, and character operation will differ based on the equipped blessings. Moreover, skills can be acquired through character level regardless of blessings. Users can expect an updated combat system through a diverse combination of skills and combos
  • Control Improvements – because Bless Unleashed PC was developed based on a console service, we felt a need to further improve the operational convenience to be better suited for PC users using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Further Improved UI/UX for PC Optimization – a translucent map function will be added so users can easily check the map while on the go. Furthermore, although previously it was difficult to check the tooltip when the icons were overlaid on the world map, this issue has been improved by the addition of a new button as shown below
  • New Field Elite Monsters and Bosses – Through this update, Twisted Field Bosses that are similar in appearance to the regular Bosses but have stronger and different patterns have been added. Additional effects such as debuff and area damage are added making the Bosses much more difficult to defeat as well as summoning minions to create a confusing combat experience
  • Updated Dungeon & Matching System – For faster matching, users can now queue up for many dungeons simultaneously. We believe that through this multi matching system, users will be able to experience diverse dungeon contents quicker and easier
  • Improvements of the Lock-on Function – The lock-on function has been improved so that users can play with a more convenient viewpoint than before
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