Bless Unleashed Just Got A Content Roadmap for 2021 And 2022

Bless Unleashed just got a content roadmap for 2021 with a bunch of new milestones coming to this open world MMO throughout the year and on into 2022.

Bless Unleashed might have only hit PC back in August this year but the impressive looking fantasy MMO from Round8 and Neowiz is already due to get a ton more additions if the latest content roadmap is anything to go by. Just announced and stretching all the way from this month into 2022, the new Bless unleashed content roadmap details the future of the PC iteration of this MMO. Kicking off with a brand new PvP season later this month, the highlights of the upcoming add ons include a 5-Player-Lair, dungeons, new skills, and a Guild vs Guild system.


October: A new PvP season lands in October, alongside a 5-Player Lair and a Level 40 Time Dungeon.

November: will see the addition of the new Dungeon Difficulty system, Rune adjustments, and a Potential System for player characters. More on all of this will be coming in a future dev blog.

December: will see the addition of the Guild vs Guild system, a Combat Training Area, new Skills and Blessings, and a brand new Wing Cosmetic slot addition.

2022: The new year will bring an expansion to the Griogair questline, as well as changes to equipment and skill setup. An entirely new Assassin class comes to Bless Unleashed in February, and a ton more new content is being planned.

To get a more personal walk through, Round8 dropped a video for the new PC roadmap, which you can view above. For those that haven’t picked up Bless Unleashed, there’s plenty of time to grab this fantasy MMO based in the Bless universe and head out on an epic journey across a dynamic, sprawling world. As you marvel at the gorgeous world, built on Unreal 4, and battle through dungeons using the combo driven combat systems it’s likely that you’ll find Bless Unleashed a pleasant surprise. Check out more on the official website now.

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