Bless Unleashed PS4 Beta Key Giveaway

Bless Unleashed Giveaway

Bless Unleashed, the Korean MMORPG, is about to swing onto Playstation 4 and we’ve got a ton of Bless Unleashed PS4 Beta keys for you to loot.

Developed by Neowiz Games and published by Bandai Namco for the Playstation release, Bless Unleashed is the latest adventure in the world of Lumios. After the shutdown of Bless back in 2019, this follows up, steeped in the same lore as the ill-fated Bless, cut a swathe through Xbox One earlier this year. Featuring a dynamic open world, a sprawling adventure, and a gorgeous fantasy setting, Bless Unleashed looks like everything we hoped Bless would be. Now console players continue to cut first blood in this brand new adventure, as Bless Unleashed comes to team blue’s platform later this year.

Time To Strike

Kicking off on 20 August at 10 am PDT and running until 24 August, the imminent PS4 Beta Test is the next opportunity you’ll get to venture out into a world still reeling from war and destruction, as you pick a class, team up with friends, and take on a range of challenges across dungeons and open-world environments. You can win a key for the Bless Unleashed PS4 Beta Test by simply bashing your email into the giveaway box below and looting our corpse. Alternatively, just check your email, there’s less combat involved.

Gamers looking to jump into action will need to be gathered on a North American Server as the codes are not applicable for EU and other non-NA regions. If you do manage to grab a key then we will send you redemption instructions alongside your winnings, so you can gear up and take on the dynamic world of Bless Unleashed, battel ultra-powerful bosses, and grab some exclusive loot.

Gamers who participate in the Bless Unleashed PS4 Beta will grab an exclusive title, “Breaker of Games” to go alongside your Beta experience. If you want to find out more about Bless Unleashed then you can head over to the official PlayStation Store, where you can also redeem your access code. Pc master race need not worry too much, Bless Unleashed is arriving on Steam in Early 2021 and while the console gamers might have a head start hopefully Bless Unleashed will be worth that extra long wait.

For more on Bless Unleashed, keep an eye out here at Gamesapce for our thoughts on the Playstation 4 launch soon.

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