Bless Unleashed – Upcoming Guild Changes

Bless Unleashed - Upcoming Guild Changes

The developers behind the upcoming sandbox MMO Bless Unleashed have published a new blog post on the official site of the game to share their plans regarding guild changes. One of the major things the team wants to add is the guild experience system, which would act as a foundation of guild systems. Having ways to earn guild experience to increase the power and prestige of your guild fosters not only healthy competition between guilds, but also fosters the sense of community that guilds depend on to survive. Playing Bless Unleashed with fellow guild members to defeat dungeons and field bosses will reward guild experience.

With guild experience will come guild progression. As your guild gains in levels and power, it should be upgraded with new and improved features. Rewards for leveling your guild may include an increased member cap, gold or starseed storage, and guild storage warehouse. It may eventually even reward your guild with its own estate.

The team is also looking into ways to pit guilds against one another. There are currently no set plans but the developers are considering a number of options such as special PvP maps and queues.

According to the previously posted post-launch development roadmap, the guild changes will be a part of the July 2020 update.

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