Blightbound – Helping Hands Update Adds Bots & More

The developers from Ronimo Games have released a new update for co-op action/RPG Blightbound. Called Helping Hands, it adds a variety of new features such as bots, localization updates, new character Seirinne, 7 new items and more.

Bots are now in the game! This means you can now always play Blightbound. Be it with friends, with strangers or with bots. You will see the option to play with bots after queuing for 30 seconds. From then on you can choose to keep waiting for other players to join, or hop straight into a dungeon. Bots will also show up to replace disconnected party members, and help you finish that run. For now this will only work as long as the host is still connected. We will be monitoring these changes and see if more adjustments are needed in the future.

Blightbound – Helping Hands additions:

  • Bot support added.
  • The game now supports the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese(BR), Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. (Note that all functional texts have been translated, but translations of lore and narrative texts will come in a later update.)
  • Seirinne can now be found and rescued to join your band of heroes.
  • 7 new items have been added to the game, alongside their respective recipes (Kirkarik’s Reflection, Serpent’s Wrath, Zerrish’s Contortion, Aetheri Resolve, Talon of Thyst, Eye of Kriusz, Gravemark Headkey)
  • The elite enemy “Gravesteel” can now be encountered when adventuring.
  • The elite enemy “Assailant Gijs” can now be encountered when adventuring.
  • The elite enemy “Bloodmaster Krux” can now be encountered when adventuring.

Check out the official site for full patch notes. Blightbound is currently available in Steam Early Access.

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