Blizzard Outlined the Future of World of Warcraft in 2024

Blizzard Outlined the Future of World of Warcraft in 2024

Developer Blizzard Entertainment has taken to the official site to share the first look at the road ahead. The team revealed their vision for what awaits MMORPG World of Warcraft in 2024. The blog post in question tackles both the retail servers as well as the Classic ones. Let’s dive right in!

“Listing everything we did together this year is huge: six Dragonflight content updates, Wrath content updates and the return of the Icecrown Citadel raid dungeon, Classic Hardcore launch, BlizzCon 2023, an incredible Race to World First in Dragonflight Season 3, and just recently, Classic Season of Discovery! This year has been one to remember and we want to keep the momentum going! Now it’s time to share a look ahead into 2024!”

In 2024, players are going to see three more content updates for Dragonflight before the release of WoW: The War Within. The first among them is Seeds of Renewal. These updates will wrap up the story of the expansion and lay the foundation for the next one. In the Spring/Summer of 2024, players will be called upon to provide feedback for The War Within once alpha and beta versions drop.

In WoW Classic, there will be several updates for Classic Hardcore with “Self Found” support as a new challenge. The team will also have more phases to release in Season of Discovery next year as the adventure continues. And, of course, Cataclysm Classic is right around the corner in the first half of next year!

If you prefer the visual approach, check out the graphs below that outline the pipeline of updates for World of Warcraft in 2024:

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