Blizzard Is Preparing to Share the Future of Warcraft

Blizzard Is Preparing to Share the Future of Warcraft

Developer Blizzard Entertainment shared a new blog post dedicated to the future of Warcraft universe. The team noted that for nearly 28 years, the franchise ignited imagination across the globe, and the future is bright for heroes of Azeroth and the patrons of the Hearthstone Tavern (but likely not the denizens of Nexus, alas).

On March 15th, the Hearthstone development team will share the details the first of three expansions coming later this year. Shortly after, they will also provide a deeper look into the plans for Hearthstone for 2022.

A month later on April 19th, the World of Warcraft team will reveal the next expansion and show players the next chapter of Azeroth’s history. Until then Azeroth’s heroes will be taking on the Jailer in Zereth Mortis in Shadowlands and face against the Betrayer in Classic Burning Crusade.

Additionally, the developers are preparing to unveil the first mobile game set in the Warcraft Universe.

“The future of Warcraft is bright. On behalf of all of us at Blizzard working to bring even more exciting Warcraft experiences to you, we thank you for being a part of the community. We’re excited about the journey in front of us and are grateful that you’re joining us for it.

Thank you for playing, and we’ll see you in Azeroth, the Tavern, and beyond!

—John Hight, General Manager Warcraft”

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