Blizzard Once Again Trolling Next Overwatch Character

Trollin' trollin' trollin' -- Blizzard keeps on trollin RAWHIDE!
Overwatch Character

Blizzard is once again trolling the world about the next Overwatch character. First Game Director Jeff Kaplan told us it “wouldn’t be who you expect”. Then an “interview” cropped up with 11-year-old “Efi Oladele”. Then a Tweet went out showing an “attack” on Numbani Airport with someone looking an awful lot like Doomfist. The latter has been the community’s darling for months with Terry Crews out there to ‘become’ Doomfist.

24 is not who you think it is. ~ Jeff Kaplan

Is the Next Overwatch Character Doomfist or Efi Oladele?

Well, your guess is as good as ours. In the most recent Tweet, the picture clearly shows “destruction by Doomfist” but was taken by Efi. Color us confused! But, then again, that is Blizzard’s normal thing when it comes to mysteries about new characters.

What is interesting is the fact that the destruction in the picture above is now on PTR, though not yet in the live game. In addition, the payload, once holding the Doomfist weapon, is destroyed, gauntlet missing, again on PTR.

Ramp up the speculation!

Let’s just hope that this doesn’t drag on for as many months ast the Sombra reveal did. That does seem unlikely, however, as Kaplan also mentioned “things will unroll very quickly”. We’re supposed to learn more about Efi and her creations over the next week.

Keep your eyes on the official site and its various social media for the latest trollin…information.

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