Blizzard Previews Shadowlands Legendaries

Blizzard Previews Shadowlands Legendaries

Very soon World of Warcraft players will venture into the realm of the dead aka Shadowlands. There, they will need every advantage to restore the balance to the afterlives. That includes working with the mysterious Runecarver, a powerful entity chained within the halls of Torghast in the Maw. Together they will be able to forge powerful legendary items infused with otherworldly powers.


  • Once you reach level 60 and your loyalty to a Covenant, you will receive a quest chain that will lead you inside Torghast to help the Runecarver. Once done, he will help you create legendary items.


  • Legendaries require several components: a Shadowlands crafted legendary base item, two Missives, Soul Ash, and a Memory of the Runecarver. Your base item and Missives can be created with Professions, Soul Ash comes from clearing layers within Torghast; and Memory of the Runecarver recipes can be unlocked through a variety of content.

Over time you may craft more than one legendary but, just as in past expansions, a character can only equip one of these items at a time so choose wisely!

For a legendary piece, you’ll need to start off with a specific base piece of armor or jewelry that can be empowered by the Runecarver. Characters with Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting professions will be granted the recipe to create base pieces as part of the storyline with the Runecarver. These pieces can be crafted by players and can be traded or can be purchased from the Auction House. Each time a crafter creates a base piece, they will earn experience and over time they will be able to create those base pieces with higher item levels. There are four levels each recipe can reach, and creating higher-level base pieces will require more resources to complete.

Imbue your legendary with the powers of Death by collecting Memories of the Runecarver, known as Powers. These memories are obtainable by doing a variety of content, including raiding, Mythic Keystone dungeons, and player vs. player activities. You can view all Powers along with how to obtain them and which base items you can Runecarve them on by opening up your Adventure Guide.

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