Blizzard Shares Shadowlands Cutscenes

WoW Shadowlands - First Look at Revendreth Covenant & Venturing into the Maw

With the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, now available to players, Blizzard shared the cutscenes related to various story beats. Be wary, spoilers ahead!

The cutscenes hint at what caused the malfunction of the Arbiter which in turn started diverting all the mortal souls to the Maw, hint at the plan of Sylvanas Windrunner, reveal the return of an old friend, introduce players to one of the big bads of the expansion and more.


With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped open the way to the afterlife. Azeroth’s staunchest defenders have been dragged into all-consuming darkness. An ancient force of death threatens to break its bonds and unravel reality.

Hidden realms of wonder and horror await any who would pass to the other side. The Shadowlands is home to an entire realm of the departed; it is a world between worlds whose delicate balance preserves life and death itself. As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been granted the power to cross over in body and soul. Now you must investigate a conspiracy to unmake the cosmos, and help Warcraft legends journey back… or fulfill their ultimate destiny.

Breaking the Arbiter

For uncounted eons, the Arbiter consigned each soul to the afterlife it justly deserved until a dread moment shattered the perfect order.

Enter the Maw

The only thing that escapes the Maw are the screams of the imprisoned.

Remember This Lesson

Prince Renethal races to cut down the traitorous Sire Denathrius before his sinister vision materializes.

Ysera Reborn

Some must be sacrificed, but some must be saved.

No More Lies

In the dark depths of the Maw, Sylvanas Windrunner offers Anduin Wrynn a dark deal.

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