BlizzCon 2017 Opening Ceremony

BlizzCon 2017

With BlizzCon 2017 (the 11th BlizzCon out there!) having started in Anaheim, the flow of Blizzard-related news is going to be hard to swim through. Here we’ll try to keep you posted on anything of note that is being announced for Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Overwatch throughout the Opening Ceremony.

StarCraft 2:

StarCraft 2 is becoming free-to-play starting November 14! Wings of Liberty will be free for everyone, and if you already own it, you will get Heart of the Swarm for free. The game also introduces new 2-in-1 co-op commander: Matt Horner and Mira Han and a new co-op mission “Part and Parcel”.

Heroes of the Storm:

Dragons of the Nexus cinematic was presented. Following the earlier slip of the picture featuring Alexstrasza the Lifebinder and Hanzo, we now have the confirmation that the two are making their way to the Nexus.

Alexstrasza is a ranged support with an ability to turn into a dragon. Hanzo stays true to his Overwatch role and is a ranged assassin and nimble scout.

Heroes of the Storm Improvements Trailer

Following earlier Heroes of the Storm 2.0, the team introduces further improvements including the new camera, evolved BG mechanics, performance-based matchmaking, stealth rework and much more! Check out the trailer above to see some of it in action.


Ben Brode cheerfully welcomed the crowd and recapped what the year has brought for Hearthstone. The final expack in the year of the Mammoth is going to take us back to the classics of fantasy with treasures, dungeons, monsters and more. Dive right into Kobolds & Catacombs! The Legendary adventurer Marin the Fox meets the players in goo-filled tunnel and offers one of the crazier cards in the game and joins the party of those who log into the game starting Monday as well.

The team is introducing a legendary weapon for each of the existing classes (including those who already had one!) and a whole new single-player experience. Called “Dungeon Run” it will have players take on the bosses, collect loot, upgrade the character. This mode is FREE, comes out next month and is separate from the rest of the game.


Jeff Kaplan introduced a new hybrid Overwatch map – Blizzard World, a theme park mix of all Blizzard titles out there. Check out the trailer for it below!

However, it is not all. The world needs more heroes, and this hero speaks for herself. Meet Moira, a shadow-and-light themed hero who was previously a part of Reaper’s Blackwatch. She is able to heal, deal damage, teleport and much more! There will be an origin video for her later.

But that is not all! In addition to all the other goodies, Jeff Kaplan and voice actor Darin De Paul showed a new animated short for the community beloved tank Reinhardt, called “Honor and Glory”! It shows an operation in Eichenwalde undertaken by young Reinhardt and his mentor.

World of WarCraft

The team has announced World of Warcraft: Classic server option! You can read more WoW news on

The next expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has been announced and the intro cinematic has been shown.

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