BlizzCon 2019 – What’s Next For Blizzard Games

BlizzCon 2019 - What's Next For Blizzard Games

Blizzard Entertainment held the annual BlizzCon 2019 over the last weekend. The developers have been on hand to announce what can be expected for the company’s major franchises. To help those out of the loop catch up on all the news, Blizzard has released a series of What’s Next videos you can find below:


During BlizzCon 2019, the next installment of the famous Diablo franchise has been announced. Diablo IV is returning to the roots, featuring a dark, bloody and grim look, ability trees and much more. Three classes have been shown off so far: Barbarian, Druid and Sorceress.

During the reveal panel, the developers showed off the open world and some elements of gameplay, such as a new addition in the form of mounts.

World of Warcraft:

During the convention, Ion Hazzikostas and his team were on hand to announce the next World of Warcraft expansion, the Shadowlands. Heroes of Azeroth will venture into the afterlife to find old friends and new enemies.

The expansion includes level squish, a new leveling system, more character customization and more. There is no new class or race.


As the ancient prophecies have foretold, Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan participated in BlizzCon 2019 to introduce the next chapter for Overwatch – PvE-oriented Overwatch 2. It is a separate game, although players of the base Overwatch game will have access to the new characters and maps introduced in Overwatch 2.


Hearthstone has announced the epic conclusion to the Year of Dragon – a new expansion titled Descent of Dragons. The expansion introduces Battlegrounds – a new game mode for 8 players.

The Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm developers were also present but the additions to the respective games are smaller. StarCraft 2 welcomes Mengsk as the new coop commander while HotS trembles in anticipation of Deathwing and the return of the Toys event.

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