Blizzcon Might Be Bringing Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and Drama

blizzcon 2019

The rumor mill has kicked into full gear. With Blizzcon almost upon us, leaks are hyping up the prospect of some big news at this year’s Blizzard fan festival.

Overwatch 2

Normally we wouldn’t take any rumors around Blizzcon too seriously but Twitch streamer Metro has a habit of correctly predicting the upcoming Blizzcon announcements. This year, Metro released a series of tweets that predicted the reveal of an Overwatch sequel at Blizzcon 2019. In this series of social media leaks, Metro expanded, advising that Overwatch 2 would be revealed after a cinematic featurette and would involve both PvE and PvP game modes. The title will involve a change to hero skills and a leveling system to unlock further improvements.


In a similar series of reports, Metro also explained that a reveal for Diablo 4 will appear at Blizzcon in some form, along with news of a Diablo 2 remaster. This leak has added substance. After a german games magazine inadvertently published an advert for a book called “The Art of Diablo” it became all but certain we’d see Diablo 4 announced at the major Blizzard event. In the advert, it states that the book features examples of art from Diablo, Diablo2, all the way up to Diablo 4. The leak was covered over on German media and there can’t conceivably be any other place to drop this bombshell than Blizzcon.


This isn’t all that we know is due to happen at Blizzcon. After some serious internet backlash to their recent esports bans, most of the media are fully expecting a vocal section of the paying public and virtual ticket holders to make their displeasure with the company known. Expect heckling, protests, and chat bans in Twitch.

Blizzcon is due to go live on our screens and in-person on 1 November. You can still grab a virtual ticket over at the official Blizzcon website and view events unfold.

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