Blood Bowl 3 Welcomes The Dwarfs To Battle In Closed Beta

Blood Bowl 3 Welcomes The Dwarfs To Battle In Closed Beta

Blood Bowl 3, the skull-cracking new instalment in the Warhammer sports sim, kicks off a new closed beta test today.

The drafts are in and anybody who picked up the ball to bludgeoned some Orcs during last June’s Blood Bowl test phase can get back on the pitch today. Blood Bowl 3, the upcoming installment in the Blood Bowl franchise, begins a new test phase today, ahead of the final launch later this year. Anybody who might have gotten rusty will be able to load up and try out all the latest features in the new beta.

Developer Cyanide Studio and publisher Nacon, have confirmed that this includes changes made thanks to previous feedback. Players can expect enhancements to the user interface and smoother gameplay, among other tweaks to the experience.

In addition to gameplay changes, players have an added incentive to get in on the action today. The Dwarfs finally take to the battlefield, adding to the already available Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility and Elven Union., as competitive types take to the Warhammer universe for a turn based sporting sim that is unlike anything else. Monstrous fullbacks and powerful front lines clash with a bloody crunch as the tabletop Blood Bowl series once again comes to digital screens.

Get off the bench, you’ve only got until 9am on 3 February to do some serious damage and score a couple of points in the field. For the rest of us, Blood Bowl 3 is aiming to score a huge success on PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch later in 2022. Find out more on the official Steam Store page now.

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